Magnet Therapy

Magnet Therapy is a treatment option for different types of back pain, like Arthritis pain, Insomnia, Headaches, Fibromyalgia pain. The most common suggested mechanism is that magnets might improve blood flow in underlying tissues.



How does it work?

Magnetic therapy is a pseudoscientific alternative medicine practice involving a weak static magnetic fields produced by a permanent magnet. It is similar to the alternative medicine practice of electromagnetic therapy, which uses a magnetic field generated by an electrically powered device.

Magnet therapy involves applying the weak magnetic field of permanent magnets to the body, for purported health benefits. Different effects are assigned to different orientations of the magnet.

Products include magnetic bracelets and jewelry; magnetic straps for wrists, ankles, knees, and back; shoe insoles; mattresses; magnetic blankets (blankets with magnets woven into the material); magnetic creams; magnetic supplements; plasters/patches and water that has been “magnetized”. Application is usually performed by the patient.


Magnetic therapy is not for everyone’s use
  • It should not be used during pregnancy, patients with a history of epilepsy, while taking blood-thinning medications, on bleeding wounds, or if internal bleeding exists.
  • It should never be used if you use a pacemaker or have metal implants that could be dislodged by magnet use.
  • Not be used if you have an insulin pump.