Rakkenho Therapy

Rakkenho Therapy is a Japanese health practice  which includes the use of hands and feet to gently press the body at different pressure points. It is beneficial for frozen shoulders, tennis elbow, spondylitis, lower back pain and issues related to knee, ankle etc.


More about Rakkenho Therapy

Rakkenho therapy was created by Yugen Yamanouchi, a priest from the Shingon Esoteric Buddhist tradition. Yamanouchi Sensei currently lives at Tokoji Temple in Nara, Japan, where he runs the Rakkenho Headquarters Dojo. 

  • It helps in relaxing mind, heart, body.
  • Helps in boost well-being and health.
  • Releases all physical, mental and emotional stress.
  • Helps in restore body energy flow.
  • Helps in boost blood circulation.